About us

Established in 1949 as a company for engineering design of hydroelectric power plants and thermal power plants, Elektroprojekt has since grown into a company unique in the region for its scope of activities in power generation, water resources and environmental management, and nature conservation sectors. Elektroprojekt’s experts and their broad experience contributed to this growth - 50 out of 100 employees are certified engineers, and a number of specialists on the Elektroprojekt staff are authorized for validation (compliance assessment) of foreign design documentation in all building sector segments. Many professionals have established traditionally strong partnerships with scientific, research and educational institutions, and with external specialists in the fields not covered by Elektroprojekt expertise (natural sciences, biotechnology, sociology). Elektroprojekt has extensive experience and capacities in managing multidisciplinary projects, and in conceptualising and evaluating complex multipurpose infrastructure systems. All the projects are undertaken and implemented with due regard of socio-economic requirements, with consideration of their nature and environmental protection aspects.
The mission idea which inspired the previous generations serves as a beacon for the young people joining Elektroprojekt expertly trained to assume the role of their predecessors, whose aims and achievements are deeply embedded in the company’s business practices. The company’s products constitute a unique archive of tens of thousands of design volumes, studies, analyses, manuals, books, and hundreds of thousands of drawings.

The company’s responsible attitude towards sustainability of solutions elaborated in its design documents is confirmed through continual work of Elektroprojekt’s expert team in charge of environmental and nature impact assessment of its activities. Being engaged on projects in the field of power generation, water resources, environmental protection and nature conservation funded by the World Bank, United Nations, European banks and funds Elektroprojekt became familiar with procedures, guidelines and requirements facing the consultants involved in implementation of projects funded by these institutions.