JP Elektroprivreda HZ HB d.d. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Conceptual Design, Final Design, Detailed Design

The Peć Mlini Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) is located in the municipality of Grude, the West Herzegovina County, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is sited about 40 km air distance from the City of Mostar, 75 km from the City of Split in Croatia, and 22 km from the Adriatic Sea. The area occupied by the facilities of the planned Peć Mlini HPP is entirely located within the borders of the municipality of Grude. The planned project is situated at the Petnjik hill foot, about 7 km southwest of Grude, and about 3 km east of the border with Croatia.
In addition to the existing tunnel that had been bored in 1951, a new 1,550 m long tunnel was bored through the Petnjik hill to meet the hydroelectric power plant needs. The tunnel starts in the Nuga area, where a compensation basin with an active storage of 800,000 m3 is situated north of the Petnjik hill in the far south part of the Imotsko-Grudsko Polje field. The area planned for the development of the compensation basin is 45 ha.
The tunnel improved the water regime, that is, it reduced the size and duration of flooding in the Imotsko-Grudsko Polje area.
Upstream from the settlement of Peć Mlini, on the left bank of the Tihaljina River valley, the hydroelectric power plant powerhouse is located with a penstock of 2.6 m in diameter and 260 m in length, and an existing chute.

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