Elektroprojekt have vast experience and high-level technical expertise, especially in the field of power generation from conventional energy sources.
Elektroprojekt participated in the preparation and implementation of capital projects and the provision of technical support during the construction and commissioning of almost all major thermal power facilities, plants and systems in the Republic of Croatia.

These activities include engagement on the following facilities, plants and systems within the power plants:
  • combined-cycle cogeneration plants
  • condensing thermal power plants
  • industrial power plants
  • process units within thermal power plants (gas turbine and steam turbine plants, boiler plants, common systems, water intake/coolers ...)
  • power plant concept development and siting
  • fuel and water supply systems
  • steam and hot water boilers
  • heat exchangers
  • chemical and thermal water pretreatment plants
  • flue gas ducting and chimneys
  • flue gas treatment and filtering (selective catalytic reduction-SCR, flue gas desulphurization - FGD)

elektroprojekt d.d.
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