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Preliminary studies, Final Design, Detailed Design, As-built Design, documentation related to the functioning structures and facilities, consultancy


The Lešće Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) was built in 2011 as part of the project of harnessing the Kupa river basin water potential. This is the adjacent-to-the dam type plant, located on the Dobra River near the end of its canyon course, in the vicinity of the Generalski Stol settlement. The Lešće HPP system includes a concrete gravity dam, an embankment dam on the left flank, a powerhouse with an associated plateau and an access road, and a switchgear plateau downstream of the embankment dam.
The powerhouse is of the adjacent-to-the dam type, located next to the dam. It consists of the powerhouse unit, the powerhouse annex, an outlet structure and a power canal. The powerhouse unit consists of a turbine floor, a generator floor and an assembly area. The major equipment (turbines and generators) with all associated elements (power supply and control cabinets, cooling system, fire protection...), environmental flow power generation unit, overhead travelling crane for assembly and disassembly and other equipment are installed in the powerhouse unit.

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