Brodarci Weir with Hydro Structures on the Kupa-Kupa Canal, Kupa and Dobra Rivers and Kupčina Retention Basin

Hrvatske Vode
Conceptual Design
The flood protection solution for the City of Karlovac area is part of the overall water management solution for the Central Posavlje region. The water management concept for the Central Posavlje includes a complete solution to the problem of flood control in the triangle formed by the cities of Zagreb - Karlovac - Sisak, which are interconnected by the necessity of jointly solving the problem of floods. The considered flood control system of the City of Karlovac consists of: the Brodarci dam and structures on the Kupa river, the Kupčina retention basin, the Kupa-Kupa canal and regulating structures for the distribution of floods, the accompanying embankments on the Kupa and Dobra rivers, and the Kupčina retention basin. All elements of the system were analysed and solutions were given needed for obtaining of a planning permission.
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