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Final Design, Detailed Design (heat storage tank foundation, pumping station, electrical design) 

The construction of a heat storage tank, capacity 1,000 MWh, charging power 150 MW, in the Hrvatska Elektroprivreda EL-TO Zagreb Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant and its connection to the Heating Station (HS) as part of the District Heating System (DHS) servicing the western part of the City of Zagreb effectively solves the problem of time-related imbalance of heating within the system. The heat storage tank enables the cogeneration units to store (accumulate) the heat accompanying the production of electricity as hot water in the heat storage tank with diameter of 30 m, height of 45 m and volume of about 32,000 m3 during the lower heat demand, especially at night. Then in the early morning hours, or in other circumstances of increased heat demand, hot water from the upper part of the tank is fed directly to the DHS outlet pipeline in the amount in which cold water from the DHS return line is pumped into the lower part of the tank.

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