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Feasibility Study, Environmental Protection Studies, Conceptual Design, Final Design, Tender documentation (for construction of the sewerage system, WWTP, supervision and equipment)
The reconstruction of the water tank and sewerage system, the construction of a new sewerage system and wastewater treatment plant (WWTO) are planned in the Kutjevo and Velika agglomerations. The reconstruction includes the Kutjevo (V=600 m3) and Velika (V=450 m3) water tanks, as well as the reconstruction of the gravity collector network in the length of 569 m and 902 m in the Kutjevo and Velika agglomeration, respectively. The construction of the wastewater treatment plants is planned both in Kutjevo (3,200 PE) and Velika (4,800 PE). The  3,936 m gravity and pressure collector network in the area of ​​Kutjevo with a  > 5 l/s pumping station and 11,030 m in the area of ​​Velika with two > 5 l/s pumping stations is also planned. Additionally, the project includes the expansion of the collector network in the Velika area of ​​13,022 m with three > 5 l/s pumping stations. The Feasibility Studies were prepared, as well as applications for co-financing from EU funds, along with the Environmental Protection Studies, Conceptual and Final Designs for the construction of the facilities in the water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment systems.
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