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Final Design, Detailed Design
The City of Zagreb District Heating System Hot-Water Network Revitalisation project carried out within the Operational programme Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020 is planned to revitalize almost a third of the hot-water network, i.e. 68.5 km of the deteriorated hot-water pipes out of a total of 227.3 km of the network in the City of Zagreb. The existing hot-water network will be revitalized by using the advanced technology of ductless laying of pre-insulated pipes, which will increase the reliability and safety of the City of Zagreb District Heating System.

The Project goals are:
  • increasing the energy efficiency of the heating system
  • increasing the reliability of heat supply
  • reducing the heat losses
  • reducing the process makeup water losses
  • reducing the number of emergency actions in the system
  • reducing the pollutant emissions into the environment
  • increasing the satisfaction of the heat consumers 

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