Publication Date: 13 December 2023

BIM Approach at Elektroprojekt

Elektroprojekt's mission is "creating a reliable, effective and sustainable harmony of construction and technology with man and nature for present and future generations". Accordingly, Elektroprojekt have recognized the importance of follow up and use of modern technologies that help create quality designs and they constantly invest in knowledge and resources. Since the spring of 2024, the BIM approach and technology are officially becoming our organization's way of doing business. We can proudly point out that our technological infrastructure is oriented towards the BIM world, and a series of education courses were held lecturing about use of BIM and related tools, such as Revit, Civil 3D, Navisworks, Advanced Steel and many others that enable creating effective and advanced design with stronger IT basis. The education courses were designed as continuous advancement path and envisaged to evolve in two groups: educations that were held through internal maintenance based on our own research and development, and educations organized by external companies of educators: Intelika d.o.o. and Studio Ars d.o.o.
We are pleased with the fact that with the BIM approach we will provide our clients and the community with much more than the project itself, and enable transparency, databases that monitor the entire project life cycle, better connect all project stakeholders and contribute to the desired harmony of man, nature and technology.


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